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Kiss Me ~ I’m Cultured 💋


Kiss Me ~ I’m Cultured 💋

80,000,000 Microbes

How Much Bacteria In A Kiss

Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

Flashing back to 2001 and my first few months of making kefir, my husband was really leery of it. "Milk sitting on a counter for 24 hours . . . are you sure about this?" he said. He always tries my crazy creations, but it takes him a little bit to wrap his head around it and this one was no exception. But unbeknownst to me he was getting my good bacteria every day without drinking a sip of kefir. He was getting 80,000,000 microbes every time he kissed me after I had kefir. He was also getting my bacteria from things like sharing toothpaste and drinking my drinks or sharing food and even just holding my hand and simply by living with me. It's what happens when you share your life with someone. Your bacteria start to merge and become very similar. The more I ate cultured foods, the more I changed my home, simply by the cloud of bacteria that followed me everywhere. In the early days, perhaps I had more strains of good bacteria than my husband from cultured foods. Then I overpowered him! And this is the reason  he now eats cultured foods on a regular basis. It's more than just my theory, it's science.

Dutch researchers shared their findings about kissing

A team of Dutch researchers shared their findings about kissing in the journal of Microbiome. Forty two volunteers allowed the researchers to wipe their tongues with a cotton swab and gather saliva several times a day. They asked them all kinds of questions about their kissing habits, and they found that the bacteria on the tongue of each member of the kissing couples was very similar to their partner's and nothing like the bacteria on a stranger's tongue. The more they kissed, the more similar it became.

a single kiss can deposit 80,000,000

They also did another test, and gave each participant  a probiotic yogurt drink with a marker bacteria. The researchers first swabbed their tongues and then asked them to kiss their partners. What they found -  a single kiss that lasts 10 seconds can deposit 80,000,000 of these special marker bacteria from one tongue to another. Oh my, I love this. It's an ingenious plan and I have always thought we should all be kissing the ones we love more. Goodness gracious! Just think of the people I could help if kissing was considered an acceptable way of greeting people. I could spread good bacteria everywhere! I'm not sure my husband would be okay with this, so instead I'll just shake your hand and give you a big hug. You'll get some that way, too! 😉

you're never alone

I hope you'll never kiss someone again without thinking of the microbes that go with you everywhere. You're never alone . .  . you always have company, but just what are you feeding these little minions? No worries, I can fix you up, see below.

Kiss someone, 💋  and give them some culture!

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Did you know you can give someone 80,000,000 of your bacteria in 10 Seconds?! Find out how to make sure that you're giving away good bacteria instead of bad!!!

12 Responses to "Kiss Me ~ I’m Cultured 💋"
  1. So that’s pretty neat, but my question is: does bad bacteria get passed around, too? Say I have candida overgrowth(which I think I do), can my husband get that from me? Not that I’ll quit kissing even if it did, but had to ask…

    • Candida is a yeast and not a bacteria so it works a little different. If you lots of healthy microbes, your good bacteria will not allow the pathogens to get a foothold that they may transfer to you. Your good bacteria is helpful to helping them to build a healthy biome, but they will need to eat the right foods to sustain it.

      • Donna the other day you posted about your personal Candida Cure. I am wrestling with this as well and would like to print that post for reference in my battle against Candida. Could you repost or let me know where I can find it? Thank you.

      • That makes sense. Thank you! My husband will eat kraut, but won’t touch kefir or kombucha. Maybe one day…
        I am new to learning about the important of gut health, and recently finding that candida and/or low stomach acid is likely the cause of my face inflammation. So you say that consuming loads of probiotic foods is enough to kill off candida overgrowth? You mentioned no sugar. Is there anything else to do or not do when using this method to fight candida? Thanks for any input. I look forward to being normal again.
        As a testimony, my 7 yr. old used to get stomach aches frequently after eating. No idea why, but I figured probiotics could only help, right? I gave her about 1/4 cup of kefir everyday (I also put in a half capsule of probiotics for good measure for a few weeks.) Stomach pain went away.

        • When your fighting candida its really important to build up the good bacteria with prebiotics and cultured foods. I would also stay away from breads that have yeasts and also any process foods, as candida yeast loves them too. This way the candida has to calm down and go back to its rightful place. I really recommend consuming coconut and especially coconut oil as it has caprylic acid which is a candida killer and is very effective. Did you read my blog about this? https://www.culturedfoodlife.com/candida-and-cultured-foods/

          • Thank you for your reply. Yes I read that article. Working on upping my cultured food intake. I’m considering taking a rotation of anti fungals(natural herbs) in addition. I’ve also heard diatomaceous earth kills candida. Or maybe just do what you did and see how well it works first. I will eat more coconut oil, too. Thank you for all the helpful information. I’m learning a lot from your site.

  2. You probably knew some dork would ask, so let it be me… is it from a “polite” and friendly kiss, or does it need to be a little more personal? LOL

  3. I love this, but sadly, because I live alone I must optimize all the bacteria I do have by eating lots of cultured vegetables. I have a question for you regarding additional supplementation, especially regarding the famous D-K2-A combo and magnesium, which is a big one now. Can you shed some light and info? Thanks – love your blog, which introduced me to my favorite: sauerkraut, which I basically gorge on.

  4. Hi Donna,

    Just wanted you to know your book info and website are given to nearly every new patient we see for the last couple years. Great resources!!!

    KU Integrative Medicine

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