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This is Where I started

I love kefir grains, but I didn't start my journey making kefir using kefir grains. I started with powder kefir packages and was very glad I did. I was pretty much a wreck at that time in my life and I needed something easy and foolproof or it wasn't going to happen. Making kefir with powder packages was super easy and it really changed me, convincing me that kefir was something I needed daily in my life. I then moved on to using live kefir grains and saw more benefits. And they became family pets in my household. We've been taking care of them for over two decades. I love kefir grains because you get more strains of beneficial bacteria (as compared with the powder packages that typically have fewer strains) and I wanted the most bang for my buck. However, this has all changed with the product Easy Kefir.

Easy Kefir Is Made From Kefir Grains

Easy Kefir is made from kefir grains that have been freeze-dried and ground into powder. You'll receive the benefits of kefir grains with the easiest way to make kefir you can imagine. Does this mean I don't love kefir grains? Absolutely not. I still love them and always will. I think they're slightly better, but for those of you who are busy and worried about taking care of kefir grains, this is so easy, it's almost foolproof. You will get the many bacteria found in kefir grains instead of just a few in other brands of powder made from kefir. With its numerous beneficial strains of organisms, kefir is more potent than yogurt. Most yogurts have 3 to 7 probiotic strains of good bacteria and good yeasts, while kefir has over 50. Since Easy Kefir is a powder made with freeze-dried grains, you receive numerous strains and probiotics containing over 3 billion live bacteria

Easy Kefir Makes Non-Dairy Kefir Too!

Another wonderful thing about Easy Kefir is that it works on non-dairy kefir too. I've been making non-dairy kefir with Easy Kefir and I love how easy and yummy it is. When making non-dairy kefir, you just need to be sure the non-dairy milk has at least 8 grams of carbohydrates to give the bacteria something to eat. It utilizes the carbs and produces probiotics for you. You don't get the carbs, but instead you get lots of healthy bacteria. If it doesn't have 8 grams of carbohydrates, then you can check out this blog to feed your kefir (Your Kefir Wants a Date) just what it needs to keep it going strong. So if you are scared about making kefir, then this is the place to start. And it's so EASY

Here's What You Get

Easy Kefir: You get four packages and an eight-page color booklet with step-by-step instructions. Each package will make you at least seven gallons of kefir for a total of twenty-eight gallons. You can take a small amount from the first batch you make and use this to make more kefir, again and again. Check out this link: "How to make kefir using Easy Kefir powder packets". I hope this will help you if you're afraid to try kefir. You can do it! I promise - this is sooo easy!

Get Easy Kefir

Prebio Plus food for your bacteria!

Prebio Plus is another product that your gut, kefir, and cultured vegetables will love. We designed it that way! Prebiotics are just as important as probiotics, but you should use them together. Prebiotics reside in all kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other foods. We have found some of the strongest sources of prebiotics and placed them in an easy-to-use powder form. Without prebiotics, your good bacteria will never grow as they should. Prebiotics essentially serve as fertilizer for the bacteria in your colon. Eating cultured probiotic foods will aid the colonies of bacteria, and adding prebiotics makes these colonies grow and crowd out pathogens. This reestablishes the balance of good bacteria in strong numbers.  This can strengthen your immune system to resist infections and viruses, remove toxins, and a host of other things your bacteria are designed to do.

Prebio Plus has three prebiotics!

Prebio Plus has three different strains of prebiotics making it three times as effective as other prebiotics on the market today.

  • Organic Inulin
  • Organic Acacia
  • Fructooligosaccharides

Prebio Plus is easy to use:

  • Add Prebio Plus – to any food or beverage, hot or cold.
  • Add Prebio Plus – to kefir or cultured veggies while they’re culturing. You can even add it after they’re done for an extra boost.
  • Add Prebio Plus – to your kefir to make it super creamy. If your kefir has over-separated, Prebio Plus helps to make it creamy again.
  • Add Prebio Plus – to salad dressing or condiments such as kombucha mayo or kefir cheese for an added probiotic boost.
  • Add Prebio Plus – to your morning coffee or tea. Get your inner bacteria off to a running start at the beginning of the day!
  • Add Prebio Plus – to baked goods. Or just sprinkle it on top of salads or even toast and jam.

Put it in your kefir!

How to Make Easy Kefir

How To Make Non-Dairy Kefir

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I love kefir grains, but I didn't start my journey making kefir using kefir grains. I started with powder kefir packages and was very glad I did. I was pretty much a wreck at that time in my life and I needed something easy and foolproof or it wasn't going to happen. Making kefir this way was so easy and helpful for many people getting started with kefir. Listen to my journey and hopefully, it will help you to make foolproof kefir too.

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