Best of 2016

Dairy-Free Kefir – Every Kind You Can Imagine

By Donna Schwenk / April 4, 2020

I have seen many people benefit from kefir, and this includes non-dairy kefir. So many people need a dairy-free version, so we created just about every kind of non-dairy kefir we could think of. […]

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Cranberries Have Many Healing Powers

By Donna Schwenk / November 23, 2019

Cranberries are usually eaten only around the holidays. It’s really a shame we don’t eat them all year long as they are powerful foods that can work like preventative medicine. I got all emotional when I discovered all the things cranberries can do for us. […]

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How to Make Ginger Soda – Delicious Medicine for Your Body

By Maci / September 24, 2016

The “ginger bug” has grown in popularity over the years and is a fantastic way to make soda for your family. You don’t need a starter culture or even kefir whey. A ginger bug is a mixture of sugar, ginger, and water that captures wild yeasts and beneficial bacteria. […]

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Three Foods That Can Change Your Life ~ The Trilogy

By Donna Schwenk / July 30, 2016

Fermentation is an art form and each individual cultured food is, in and of itself, unique. The three foods of The Trilogy each provide different good bacteria and yeasts that enhance the trillions of bacteria in the body and allow them to thrive, grow, and multiply. […]

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Jun! New Culture or Honey Kombucha Hybrid?

By Maci / July 3, 2016

For some of you, this culture is old news . . . for others, you may have never heard of it. Jun is a cultured food similar to kombucha but supposedly its own separate thing. It is brewed with a SCOBY culture that is light in color and is made using green tea and honey. […]

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A Love Affair With Coconut Water Kefir

By Donna Schwenk / April 10, 2016

Coconut water is my favorite water kefir. I love how it tastes, how easy it is to make, and how it makes me feel. In the early days of making cultured foods, coconut kefir was a huge part of my daughter Maci’s recovery from food allergies and IBS. It was something she really liked and she would have a glass with a slice of fresh lime. […]

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