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Video – How To Make Cultured Vegetables


Cultured Veggies

I am very excited about the new veggie starter culture, Cutting Edge Cultures. I decided to make a video about it and share a fun recipe. Making cultured vegetables is easy and fun. People can be intimidated by making cultured veggies and are afraid they will do it wrong and get sick. This is the wonderful thing about cultured vegetables – they preserve the foods and make them safe with billions of good bacteria that dominate and keep the pathogens out. Adding a culture like Cutting Edge Cultures further enhances this process and makes for even stronger, and more powerful, food. So please come into my home and let me teach you how easy it is to make cultured vegetables. You will find it easy, fun, and you might be surprised how pretty it can be!


37 Responses to "Video – How To Make Cultured Vegetables"
  1. You are pretty adorable and are inspiring me to start. I am 67 and have had a lifetime of constipation as my daughter also. I hope this will turn this around,

  2. Hi Donna, I enjoy all your videos, tips and recipes.
    Have you ever used cultured lettuce, either alone or in a combination?
    I have so much lettuce in my garden that needs using!
    Many thanks

  3. Do you ship to Canada? Would the little buddies arrive alive? I’ve been enjoying your how to videos and recipes. I’m excited every morning to see how they’ve grown and to play with them. (strain and re-bottle). Thank you for What you are doing for so many people!

  4. Hi Donna –
    I love getting your emails and watching your videos. I have had your book for a year now and I have made many batches of cultured veggies – BUT, I have been using Reverse Osmosis water, which is striped clean all chemicals and minerals. I need to avoid fluoride so this is the only water I drink. I add the minerals back to my drinking water – but I wasn’t doing that with the water for the cultured veggies. Sounds like I should be…? Or should I use filtered bottled water? Is BPA a concern with the culturing process? Thanks for your thoughts – and all your inspiration!

  5. Hi Donna, thanks for the lovely demo!

    My experience has been that when the veggie content floats to the surface it goes up above water level towards the lid, and that part exposed to the air tends to emit bad odor and turn moldy…
    Some recommend finding a way to weigh/press down on those veggies (one way is a folded whole cabbage leaf) and better yet, a round piece of glass (matched in size to mouth of jar) … which I’m on the lookout for, and could be a good idea for an additional helpful equipment to sell on site.

    Would be curious to hear your thoughts on the above…

    • I don’t like the cabbage leaves as they get a bad smell and moldy too. I have found using a starter culture eliminates most if not all these problems. I also don’t use weights as the good bacteria are so strong it seems to take care of all these problems.

      • thanks, Donna.. . that’s quite convincing.
        Do you like using red/purple cabbage instead of the green?

        Have you ever tried adding Papaya as the fruit to feed the good bacteria with? (that was the only fruit I had at home so I gave it a try… hope to report yummy results =)

  6. Dear Donna, I cannot find instructions for making non dairy kefir. I use hemp milk and sometimes nut milk generally, which must be long life because the cartons are not stored in the cooler in the shops. Can I use these when making kefir? If not what about goat’s or sheep’s milk? What do you advise?
    Many thanks, from Gloria

  7. Watched the video…great. I would like to make cultured veggies sort of like a relish with chunks of cauliflower, peppers, carrots etc. Can that be done or must it always have cabbage?

  8. Donna, I was hoping you could help me with a suggestion. I love making cultured food, and have really been wanting to try Kefir, (plant based) but I am without an income and mostly growing my own food, but I can’t grow Kefir unless I can procure it from someone who has it locally…I hope! That is my question…what would be the best way to find someone who is willing to share, trade or barter? I tried the local meetup group but no one had any. Any tips or suggestions from anyone would be appreciated! I am in Lehigh Acres FL near Ft Myers, if that matters. Thanks in advance, I love what you do!

  9. Hi Donna,
    Thank you for this video! I love your enthusiasm and passion for cultured foods! I just bought the airlock lids from you and am fermenting cabbage. On the first day, the brine bubbled up, into the airlocks, and out of the jars. I removed the airlocks, took out some of the cabbage, cleaned the airlocks and placed them back on the jar. My question is, do I have to “burp” the jars, or push the cabbage under the brine when using the airlock lids? Or, can I just let them sit and do their thing without my intervention?

  10. Thanks, Donna. Loved the video. It really helped to see the jars before and after. I do recall your saying once you can just sprinkle the culture into the jar without bothering to measure – does that still apply with this new culture? I have a small undercounted fridge and can’t really accommodate a gallon at a time. If you don’t use the full package, does it keep if you tape it closed or something?

    • You can save the package tape it up and place in your fridge if you don’t use the whole thing. This works best to mix it in water before you use it.

  11. how often should I eat the veggies 1 a day? And do you eat them cold or warmed up?

  12. Hi Donna,
    Can I get your culture in Australia. I have just purchased some which I have to keep in my freezer. I haven’t used them yet but yours look like they are a shelf ready product.
    I’m just about to go on a cruise and I am not leaving home without Kombucha and Kefir. You and these foods have changed my life and I am so grateful for finding you about a year ago when you released your book on Hay House.
    Joanie hugs and kisses.?

    • Very very soon they will be available in Australia. We have two distributors. We are just waiting on the permits to finalize so any day now! I also got a email from my publishing company who has a headquarters in Australia and they will be printing and publishing my book locally so it will be cheaper and more available.

  13. Hi Donna, thank you for video…very helpful! You didn’t seem too concerned with pushing veggies down below the water after they pushed up. Can you be pretty much hands off until its time to put in fridge?

  14. Thank you, Donna. Can’t wait to try this! I’m on my second gallon of cultured veggies. It’s still about 1/2 full–I use1/2 cup a day, often using it to top scrambled eggs (after they’ve cooled off a bit), and mixed into egg salad. YUM!

  15. I purchased Caldwells Starter Culture from you. Is Cutting Edge Culture so much better that I should purchase it and us it instead of Caldwells? Also, I really love kimchi. Can I make kimchi this way?

  16. Thank you Donna, I have ordered some of the starter and can’t wait to use it! The video makes it easy for me to follow.

  17. Hi Donna, I have been reading and listening of late to people talking about healing the gut of many different diseases including such as IBS and autoimunity diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis(which I have) predisposition to candida and they all say the best results can only be achieved if a parasite cleanse and may be even heavy metal cleanse is performed for a few months or more before inoculating our gut with all the wonderful kombucha, kefir, fermented veges and drinks as they say other ways such drinks as kombucha actually feed the candida and make it worse. What are you thoughts on this as I have been drinking kombucha and eating raw fermented kraut from Australian companies as I dont have time or I feel experience to do this on my own? I look forward to hearing back . blessings Marina 🙂

    • It really is all about inoculating the gut with good bacteria. There are many methods and we never did a heavy cleanse but rather started adding cultured foods and lots of probiotics and it took care of itself.

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