🎄 Twas the Night They Made Kefir — 📹 Video 🎄 🥛

Kefir Christmas

Twas The Night They Made Kefir 🎄 🥛Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, no creature was stirring not even a mouse. When out from the kitchen there came such a clatter, a bubbling and hissing . . . and even a splatter. From the jar on the counter the gurgling did come, and out to the kitchen the family did run. They opened the jar and found deep inside, the making of kefir that Christmas Eve night. This food they called kefir gave wellness to all. It had so much power and the cost was so small. So kefir was made that Christmas Eve night, and to all who consumed it their hearts were made light. Merry Christmas my friends!


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