Dear Donna,

I recently listened to your latest podcast on Kombucha, and had to share my husband’s story on your page.

In 2012 Moses, my husband, was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis—he has never drank alcohol in his life. By 2016 we were referred to a specialist. Thinking we could get help and answers that appointment was only to hear the doctor say, “there really is nothing you can do, it will only get worse.”

The specialist prescribed a medication and told us we should look into further exams in UCLA, her diagnosis was “it’s possibly lupus.”

Moses and I were devastated feeling helpless. As we left the doctor’s office, Moses said to me, “I don’t want to start that medication and I don’t want to go to UCLA.” We both cried all the way home.

At that time I was just beginning to learn about cultured and fermented foods after searching for ways to help myself through my breast cancer journey. Without even thinking about looking up the health benefits for the liver I told Moses that if he was refusing any type of treatment, then the only thing we needed to do was first, trust God for more faith and pray for complete healing, and second we should up the amount of the fermented foods I was learning how to make, Kombucha being one of them. We loved the tea and we both started drinking it by the gallons!

We learned that in a healthy person with a healthy liver the marker levels the doctor’s checked should have been 70-75, Moses’s marker level was over 300.

Fast forward exactly 6 months after the lupus diagnosis and deterioration of his liver being the prognosis, Moses had a clean bill of health, his levels went from over 300 to 75!

For this reason we thank God everyday for healing and wellness and the knowledge of these amazing foods. Cultured and fermented foods will always be part of our daily meals and we’re never going back.

Thank you Donna you have been a blessing to me and my family. 🙏🏼❤️