Donna, I really can’t say thank you enough for introducing me to cultured foods. Nothing is harder for a parent than watching your child be sick. My son, Daniel, was in the NICU for a week when he was born, because they thought he had spinal meningitis. He was drenched in antibiotics and thank God it turned out to be false. However, as I learned after meeting you, killing all the good bacteria in his body as a newborn left him with a lot of health problems.

He had many food allergies and showed signs of ADD, hyperactivity, and Dyslexia. He also seemed to catch every cold and flu that went around and would be sick for several days. We used your grains to start making kefir for him as an alternative to the milk he was allergic to. He absolutely loved it and showed no sign of reaction to it.

We noticed that he seemed able to focus more and had fewer behavior problems. Kefir also helped me feel better, so I went one step further and made Shelly’s Cultured Vegetables from your book to try for myself. He came down with the flu and I thought, what the heck, might as well give it to him. We gave him a spoonful every hour or so and by that evening he was running around being a normal 4-year-old boy, so we kept feeding it to him every day.

That is when things really started to change.

He has lost all signs of his ADD, is able to focus, and doesn’t get sick all the time like he used to. I was so shocked by the effect cultured foods had on his mental health and behavior. I started researching it and found so much evidence to support what you have been teaching all along. Now he eats cultured vegetables and kefir every day.

I know the whole course of his life has been changed for the better. He will spend so much more of his life being well and will be able to do so many more things because he won’t be sick all the time. He will be able to focus better in school and have fewer behavior issues. It is impossible to measure how much the possibilities of his life have been changed for the better and that is why I can’t thank you enough