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Food Care is Health Care


Health is a Relationship between you and your body


“Is it just a coincidence that as the portion of our income spent on food has declined, spending on health care has soared? In 1960, Americans spent 17.5 percent of their income on food and 5.2 percent of national income on health care. Since then, those numbers have flipped: Spending on food has fallen to 9.9 percent, while spending on healthcare has climbed to 16 percent of national income. I have to think that by spending a little more on healthier food we could reduce the amount we have to spend on health care.” ~ Michael Pollan

It’s pretty crazy these days listening to all the talk about health care and what to do about it. It’s causing a lot of fear and one I am well acquainted with. Do you ever wonder why your life takes certain paths and contains certain challenges? I do, and I was contemplating that this week as I listened to people debating on TV about health care. My husband has his own business and we have always had to find our own health insurance. It caused us to do different things from those with health insurance paid by their employers. We had high deductibles to keep the cost down and staying healthy was of the utmost importance. We tried to not go to the doctor unless absolutely necessary. It felt like a challenge, but it made me strong and taught me things I would never have learned any other way. If we would get sick, I would try to understand the cause and look for a solution. Although at times challenging, I found an understanding of our bodies that has led me here. If I had only relied on doctors and their wisdom, I would have never sought my own understanding and guidance – and what a journey it has been for me. Don’t get me wrong, I think health insurance is important, but so many are ignoring these magnificent bodies we live in that are the best healing machines around. We have lost touch with this and now we medicate and cover up symptoms that are meant to help us and show us another way.

Not with drugs, but with food!

What if each and every one of us started paying attention to the foods we put in our mouths that make the cells of our bodies? Would your body change and behave better if it had better fuel? What if you ate living probiotic foods every day – foods that have billions of probiotics that help digest your food, make vitamins, heal and repair the damage in your gut, and make you feel alive inside? It would make such a difference and I know this because I see it every day, in emails and posts on my site. Sometimes I wish I could put out each and every letter so you could see what I see every day – people whose lives and bodies are healing. Not with drugs, but with food! I’m just one person, but I am yelling as loud as I can and hoping that I can make a difference with my own life. All those years of struggle with sickness and disease only to find that the answers were within me. I could heal, and my body would help me. I was the captain of my own ship and master of my destiny. I had to work together with my body and help it steer the right course with the fuel I fed it.
I have many stories of healings in my books 📚 and on my Lives Touched Page. Here’s a couple of testimonials in their own words from my book; Cultured Food for Health and Lives Touched Page. Check out the links to read more.

“The road to health is paved with good intestines!”Sherry A. Rogers

Peni's Story

“Dear Donna,

I wrote to you a couple of months ago desperate for some help. My kidney doctor had just told me that my kidneys were functioning at 20 percent and I needed to choose which form of dialysis I would prefer. It was a death sentence to me. I have had several health problems through the years, and this was heading for a crash really soon! I had asked you if you had ever heard of anyone who had tried this cultured food and drink way of life with any results repairing kidney function and you told me not that you had heard of, but you gave me encouragement to try it anyway. In my grief and despair I decided to do just that.

Donna, I went back to the kidney care doctor just recently and he just kept shaking his head and said he didn’t understand how or why this way worked, but that not only had I lost weight in the two months since I last saw him, but my kidney function….went UP 10 percent!!!!! Yay God! He said he had never heard of this happening before. The nurse came back in after the visit and said in all the years she had worked for him she had never seen him speechless like that. All this, Donna, after only doing it for approximately 1 1/2 months!

Many Blessings,


Taken from Cultured Food for Health

Tara's Story

“I am thankful that my husband made it out alive from Tower 1 on 9/11 (with 8 minutes to spare). I am also very thankful for you, Donna, because he has recovered from 11 years of PTSD due to 9/11, partially because of you. It was after we started drinking kefir every day that he really started doing better despite everything we had done herbally and nutritionally for him.

He is off all medications and is doing great! He was unemployed for much of those 11 years and we have 7 children! Talk about stress!!! Now we make 2 gallons of kefir every day and drink every bit of it. The kids love it, and I feel better and so does my husband.You’ve given all 9 of us a new lease on life. If only you knew how terribly awful our lives have been for the past 11 years. The only light at the end of the tunnel was the oncoming train. I feel like a little girl on Christmas morning every morning now. I truly love life now!

Thank you, Donna!!!


Check out more stories on my Lives Touched Page

38 Responses to "Food Care is Health Care"
  1. Very useful post, I totally agree with your opinion that we should take care for what we eat will affect strongly to our health. I am used to be a weak person because of over weight but after a period of diet I feel more better.

  2. I would like to know how much water kefir, or milk kefir you should have in a day? I love both and have friends trying too.

  3. Just got my kefir grains two weeks ago and have been making kefir and cultured vegetables ever since. Just in time, as it turns out. I came down with flu 5 days ago. I have not been sick like that in years! During days 2 and 3, I drank a kefir smoothy for breakfast and noticed that about 30 minutes later, I felt a LOT better and it lasted about 6 hours. I started drinking kefir smoothies morning and evening. Today is Day 5 and I feel 1000% better. I was seriously worried that I might be headed to the hospital 3 days ago…my lungs were burning, couldn’t breathe, every joint and muscle ached. This afternoon I feel 85% normal. Thank you, Donna!

  4. I love this: “If I had only relied on doctors and their wisdom, I would have never sought my own understanding and guidance – and what a journey it has been for me.” I relate so much. I’ve been on the journey of health empowerment for many years now, and it still took me awhile following you to get a scoby and finally try a batch of my own. Even then, it was more divine timing than anything, as a friend just happened to have one on hand when I mentioned to her I was thinking about trying it. Thanks for continuing to “drip” on me each week until I was ready to proceed. You are saving lives and I know so many of us are grateful for your guidance on our journeys <3

  5. I have been doing the Trilogy for about 3 months now. Absolutely loved it! Experienced several flu like symptoms, body aches, ect. which I contributed to detoxing. However, my entire family now has an overgrowth of candida throughout the body with adrenal fatigue and sinus infections, also a horrible cough we can feel coming from way down deep in the lungs. I feel like we went backwards. Any advice?

    • What does the rest of your diet look like? This can be a struggle in good bacteria versus pathogens wanting to dominate and old virus that lay dormant until we get healthy enough to purge them. How sweet is your kombucha? Are you letting it ferment long enough to remove the sugars? Make sure your eating lots of prebiotics in fruits and vegetables. Often the die off can feel like a candida but can be a huge die off. Candida lives in the sinuses as well as through out the body and as it dies off its intense especially in the sinus. This does sound like a healing crisis and Bruce Fife wrote a great book on this and I highly recommend it. It would help you understand what is happening. Its actually it can be a very good thing although it doesn’t feel like it. http://www.amazon.com/The-Healing-Crisis-Bruce-Fife/dp/0941599337

  6. I am waiting to get started in this amazing program but I do have a question: Will I be able to use almond milk in making the kefir, or must I use cows milk?

  7. Thank you Donna,it was Divine intervention that I was led to your site. I have been consuming Keir,fermented vegetables and kombucha for about two yrs. now, it has healed my gut tremendously!! I believe that food is indeed our medicine and not drugs.God made our bodies to heal themselves by the foods He placed on the earth! Let us search out whole foods,preferably home and local grown to avoid GMO as much as possible! The trilogy of Kefir, fermented vegetables and kombucha was truly a God send for me!I I believe most diseases can be cured with food and herbs but unfortunately there is someone out there that cares more about money than our health and will push drugs and conventional methods of treatment that sometimes do our bodies more harm than good. As someone once said “let food be our medicine.not medicine our food”.

  8. I’ll start by saying thanks for being you !! 🙂 I can’t remember how I stumbled on to you ,.. probably through Hay House,. I bought the book and just love it ,.. soo easy to follow along and “get it ” ,.. I live in Canada and bought the book at Chapters store here,.. our $ is not at its best these days 🙂 ,… wondering if “I” could get a free gift ? 🙂
    with loads of gratitude,… and smilin Christine from Canada 🙂 here’s to good ole Kefir grains !!! 🙂

  9. Hola. Do you have any book in Spanish? My English is not good and I prefer read in spanish. Thanks.

  10. Hi Donna,

    I’ve been reading about “soil-based probiotics.” These of course would be the beneficial bacteria in the gut. I always thought these bacteria were present in cultured foods, but I’ve been reading they aren’t, that supplementation is the only way, short of fecal transplant, to replenish the gut so it’s working again. Supplements such as Prescript Assist or AOR-3 are recommended. I’ve been eating plenty of fermented vegetables, and still experience constipation. Any thoughts? Thanks.

        • It could be the supplements causing the constipation. Probiotics in supplement form are hard on my stomach. I never have a problem with the fermented foods. Also, I’d cut the starch. Look up Gaps diet. It makes so much sense.

  11. I really love your site. I bought your book last year, and have been making Kombucha for almost a year. I love it. I do have a concern. I read somewhere recently that drinking too much can weaken your bones. I already have osteoporosis , and don’t want to make things worse. I probably drink about 1 cup a day. Do you have any insight on this. I would appreciate any comments. Thanks

  12. Hi Donna,
    I ordered your book on Amazon and I can’t find my receipt. Can I still get access to the Free gifts you are offering? I have also ordered your Kefir grains and Caldwell’s starter cultures. I started my first batch of Kefir today. I am very excited to begin this journey! I put the strained kefir that was left over in a glass jar in the fridge. Can you tell me what to do with that leftover kefir? I also just told my friend to buy your book. His 15 year old son was just diagnosed with Crohns. I truly enjoyed reading your book and look forward to making lots of recipes!!!

  13. Bought your book in April …started making Kefir. Drink it twice a day. Next time I make it I am going to try second fermentation. Made Shellie’s cultured veggies. Just started making Kombucha, it is on the 5 th day of fermenting. Can’t wait to try it. Have also recently started organic meats and veggies. Trying to do all I can to optimize my health.

  14. Hi Donna

    I LOVE what you are doing & your site & videos are awesome! I can really feel your Love & sincerity. Thank you.

    I am a BioPro member, have bought your book using your form, kefir strainer & kefir grains which I am strengthening & growing ready to begin with coconut milk this weekend. Our family is 98% organic & make all our own foods because of extreme allergies. I feel sure that adding this to our lifestyle is the missing piece to regaining our health. I will definitely keep you posted.

    I have received the emails of the getting started ebook that comes with ordering your cookbook, but I don’t know how to access the free “How to heal your digestion and allergies” book? I can’t wait to read this & further my knowledge to help my family, myself & others. Can you tell me how to get it?

    Thank you & I hope you & your family are well, happy & warm during this cold winter!

    Love & Light

    Pip 😀

  15. I have pretty much the same philosophy which grew out of the old Fit for Life series I read back in college (with much time at the health food store) and evolved into a large garden of heirloom vegetables and putting those up in various ways every year, to finally stumbling on your site and discovering the world of cultured food. Along that path was a great deal of reading and research, trying and buying and now making my own thing to be as healthy as possible.

    In that whole time I’ve realize the importance of vitamins/minerals and their availability, particularly one like the B’s and D, and recently stumbling across another one I was not aware of but has been the recently researched is vitamin K, particularly K2 over K2 and subcompounds like MK4 and 7-11. Like vitamin D it is a supervitamin that regulates many things, yet is somewhat elusive to find in foods.

    Here is a link to an article that lays it out here.

    Guess where it is most common? Butterfat, fish eggs, and…fermented foods, such as saurkraut (lacto), cheese from grass fed animals, and natto, or fermented soybeans, plus the action of the bacteria in your own gut. In fact bacteria processes are about the only way to get MK7-11, with natto being the highest. Once again fermented foods provide a path to get the things that the body needs to be healthy.

  16. Wow! What a great testimonial from Tara! I’m so grateful that they are finding healing and that you have been a part of that with teaching us about Kefir . Please keep the testimonies coming. They are inspiring to me to keep pressing forward!

  17. You are right on. I was raised to believe that you ether pay at the grocery store or pay at the Doctors office. Which would you prefer?
    Thanks for your information. Also I have your book and I am cooking an culturing great things.

  18. Continue being the light that brightens the way to a healther life
    for others along the way, may God richly Bless you and yours,
    Blessings. and cheers to healthy living,

  19. My contribution is to look at what Europeans pay for food as part of their income!
    I know what it is in Germany!

  20. What a great article, toatally agree with you. We are what we eat and most people are just to lazy to buy and cook food. Much happier to stick something in the micro wave or order in, and here in the uk, they can pop down for free and get something from the doctor, and when that doesn’t work, we pay them to stay off work because they are to fat or to depressed or to ill to do so themselves. It really feels like the lunatics have taken over. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal themselves given the right conditions, but sadly those conditions are in conflict with the interest of big business and pharma. Truth is that you get what you deserve in life, you are our shinning star showing the way, thank you for your work xxx

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