Mixsoon Bean Cleansing Oil



This is the cleansing oil I use on my face to remove makeup and clean skin.

A daily cleansing oil that provides deep cleansing of the skin with moisturizing properties, and is irritation-free.

Made with the same ingredients of mixsoon Bean Essence, and is suitable for oily skin
Key Ingredients: Soybean fermented extract, fermented barley, pomegranate, and Korean pear

Mixsoon Bean Cleansing Oil boasts powerful cleansing without irritation.
Being a refreshing and moisturizing liquid oil type, it is suitable for daily use.

For Daily Use:

Step 1. Begin with dry hands and a dry face. Pump 2-3 times into your hands. Gently apply the bean cleansing oil to your face, rolling it gently.

Step 2. Wet your hands slightly and continue massaging your face. The oil will emulsify, turning into a milky texture.

Step 3. Then, wash it off with warm water.