The Healing Power of Cultured Foods

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Discover the Power of Probiotic Foods

I spend most of my time these days, trying to think of ways to help you.  How can I help you understand your body and the 100 trillion microbes that make you their home? Maybe you were like me, not realizing how much your life can change when you feel good?  So last January I started working on a free video series with my publisher Hay House.  I remember filming this series and feeling so emotional and wishing with all my heart I could make this easy and fun for you.  Now the series is completed and ready to show to you and I hope and pray that it will change your life.

  • What kefir, kombucha and cultured vegetables actually are
  • How easy it is to make kefir at home
  • Where to buy kombucha when you’re short on time
  • How cultured foods have helped cure food allergies and other illnesses
  • Why cultured foods help you balance your gut bacteria

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