Recipe eBooks for this Month

All Things Sourdough

My "All Things Sourdough" eBook is back. It's got over 50 delicious sourdough recipes! This is one of my favorite eBooks 🙂

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Einkorn Recipes

Einkorn 3d cover 2024

My Einkorn Recipes eBook is back with 9 new recipes!

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My Cultured Valentine

My Valentine's Day Recipe eBook is back! It's available to all my Biotic Pro Members through the end of February.

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Biotic Pro Members get access to a different downloadable recipe eBook each month!!!

These are our past issues:

Question: Can I purchase the eBooks separately without becoming a Biotic Pro Member?

Answer: If we were to make our eBooks available for individual purchase, they would be priced at $10 each. This is the same price as a monthly membership. So you would get a much greater benefit by signing up to become a member for 1 month. Then you can cancel the recurring subscription before the month is over, download the eBook(s) that are available, and for the rest of that month still enjoy all of the benefits that being a Biotic Pro Member has to offer!

Question: As a Biotic Pro Member, can I purchase a spiral-bound or hardcover version of the eBook.

Answer: We're sorry, but we don't have either of those options available. We looked into this and realized that it would be too costly to have a printed version available. ($40-$80 each depending on the book!) We have a LOT of color pictures in our eBooks, so the cost would be way too much to print them all.