I have been making water kefir for two months now, and have been making milk kefir for about 3 weeks. I started putting water kefir starter in my chihuahua’s water for about a month and a half. When we adopted this dog, he had been neglected something terrible, he was 8 years old and had heartworms. Poor little man was skinny, smelled bad and most of his teeth were missing or loose in his gums.

We took him to the vet for some help and they put him on medication for the heartworms to keep his lungs from filling with fluid and to keep his blood pressure down. They also gave him an antibiotic for his teeth because he has the heart-worms so bad they couldn’t sedate him to do anything let alone clean his teeth. I never give him dog food because he was fed table scraps for a year and a half before we saved him. poor thing was so weak that he would go out to tinkle and have to lay down before he could come back in. I started giving him red wine extract and he started feeling better, but he still had his issues.

I made his food everyday and hand fed him everything he would eat. (yes he’s my baby and spoiled rotten) When I started making kefir, we had to give it a try! I have found he stopped shedding like before, every day he would shed enough hair to make another dog! He started eating better and his teeth tightened up in his gums. Instead of walking out to take care of his business, he runs out then back in again! We thought a year ago we would help him fill his bucket list, now he is helping to fill ours!

My baby is going through his second puppyhood:D Last night I was watering a plant I had in a pot with kefir whey, my little man started eating the dirt so I put some in a bowl and let him drink it. I could only compare it to watching a kid drinking chocolate milk. He has been wide open and feeling his oats ever since then. I don’t know what it has done for the inside of him, but it has sure added to the quality of his life as well as ours:)