Hi Donna,

I just wanted to share that I had my 6th-month check-up this week. In 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer (stage 1). I completed chemotherapy treatments as well as radiation and hormone therapy until early 2016. I was supposed to have taken the hormone therapy for 5 years but after two years I quit because the side effects of all the treatments left me in worse condition after than when I started, and it was all just too much for me.

After I stopped taking the medications (for cancer prevention) my test results began to show that cancer markers were beginning to climb. Of course, my family and I began to worry.

Well, last year while visiting a friend she shared a cup of Kombucha with my husband and I. We had never heard of it, and what caught my attention about it was that there were claims of it protecting against cancer. After that night I was on a mission. We found it in the stores and started to drink it. Then soon after I learned how to make it and I haven’t stopped!

Early this year I happened to find your inspiring story on YouTube. I was able to find Kefir, I started making and drinking it, as well as eating Cultured Vegetables. I am now doing great! My blood test results came in, and after not taking ANY medications for cancer prevention since early 2016, my cancer markers are LOW! Thank you, Jesus! My doctor shook my hand and said, “Congratulations, it looks like we won’t be doing business with you anytime soon. Keep doing what you are doing and we’ll see you back in one year (no longer every 6 months) Enjoy life.”

Donna, you are part of my celebration of staying cancer-free AND medication free!! Thank you for being the inspiration that you are! I am one little microbe among 100 trillion who is so grateful for all that you do!

God bless you! Sincerely,

Susie Florian ❤️

P.S. Moses, my husband also has his own story. Diabetes is gone, he is able to sleep at night, and incredibly his gray hair is turning black!