Donna! Thank you so much for educating people on the importance of cultured foods. your story is a real inspiration. I have a short story to tell at this time. i am recently recovering from the effects of chemotherapy for cancer. Anyone who has gone through chemo knows how the digestive system can be ravaged by its effects as chemo kills all fast-growing cells, including those existing throughout the whole length of the digestive system, from mouth to anus!

My stomach was greatly affected and reacted with pain to various foods and any cold foods. My intestinal system was in turmoil with explosive diarrhea and enough gas to power a vehicle! Over the past eight weeks, since my chemo finished, I have been glugging down kombucha and kefir, always at room temperature because of my stomach sensitivity, and piling sauerkraut and cultured pickles into me. Every last drop of the sauerkraut and pickle juices get drunk as well! I have experienced amazing results and my digestive system is almost back to normal.

While I am getting my strength back, my husband is enthusiastically making all these products. Right now I get to supervise! Soon I will be taking over that task and I can hardly wait! Thank you again, Donna. P.S. if I had discovered these amazing cultured foods years ago, my immune system would have been much stronger and possibly I would not even have gotten cancer in the first place.