My Transformative Journey with Milk Kefir

Hi Donna
Today I would like to share with you about Milk Kefir and how it has changed my life. From my personal experience, I hope to reach out and help others as well.

My long battle has always been dealing with constipation since my childhood days and it just got worse over time and with age. I have tried several types of laxatives, been to doctors, and tried all the remedies possible, nothing really helped. My nails started to become brittle, my skin became very dry especially at the knuckles, (which was painful) and I got severe reflux due to this issue with constipation.

After new year of 2020, I realized that I was losing the sensation to poop. I was afraid and desperately looking for something that would help me in the long term with no side effects and heal me inside out.

I did an extensive research for solutions then came across this probiotic called, “Milk Kefir,” filled with good bacteria and yeast. After trying this miracle drink, it has been helping and healing me. It has helped many people that I know, with different types/kinds of gut issues as well.

It has more than a year now since I have started having Milk Kefir daily. My skin has almost healed, my nails are back to normal, and my hair is not falling like before with much softer texture. Finally, I can go to the bathroom everyday without any medication, no more reflux, bloating and swelling,…and yes, I have lost about 3kg.

My daughter’s hemoglobin has always been on the low side and now she’s fine as well. My whole family drinks Milk Kefir everyday, it has become a part of our daily healthy drink.

I hope my message will be helpful to many people who may be suffering from gut issues.