I am a mother of four and our oldest has profound cerebral palsy. At about 4 years old he required a g-tube as he could not swallow his food without it going to his lungs. He has been on formula since then but just in the past 5 years our family started on cultured foods. We did not know at first how to give him cultured foods without clogging his g-tube. But when we found out his new formula contained inulin, we knew that was a prebiotic and started giving him kefir WHEY. The whey is thinner than even the g-tube formula and still has probiotics in it that feed on the inulin. The kefir whey also helps with his g.i. tract as he has had constipation from being immobile. We give him kombucha which helps with detoxing. We also have given him the liquid in our cultured garlic (strained of anything that would clog the tube-just liquid) whenever there is a VIRUS or cold etc. He has NOT been sick with a virus in a very long time! When Covid started we were concerned because he was high risk. We have not seen any sign of Covid-19. We still use common sense and wash hands etc. of course, but the trilogy has helped him thrive~ 🙂