Hi Donna, I just have to tell you ( as I hope you’ll be as excited as me considering everyone around me thinks I’m looney) however… I had tickets to a 2-day music festival this weekend & on the second day i awoke with a terrible UTI so bad I wasn’t going to go. But a thought stuck in my mind of u treating your sick son DJ with pickle juice…

So Saturday morning i started with a kefir smoothie with lots of coconut oil, a big glass of kombucha with green powder & i started scooping & drinking the juice from the relish of yours I made a few weeks back (relish was almost gone but the liquid was still left) so over 2hours I sipped kombucha & pickle juice (between toilet visits) & repeated to myself that id be good by lunchtime… I was!!! I went to the festival at 12:30 pm & rocked on till 12:30 am on water & some lite food & by the end I was still bouncing off the walls when all the drunk people looked like death!

I had/have so much energy I cannot put it into words! I can only thank u for your amazing posts & real-life wisdom & experiences that directed me to this amazing world of bacteria! Its been a bit of a confirmation for me it has affirmed my direction with my health so thank u!

Through my ill’s there comes a will!