Dear Donna

Thank you very much for the ebooks and for sharing your story. Finding you online and following your information has made a big change in my life. It’s only been less than two months but I am feeling the best that I’ve felt in more than 30yrs. My family and friends were skeptical but ‘we’ have shown them how much difference natural probiotics can make even in such a short time. My last diabetes blood test was the best it’s been in more than 5 years and my last eye test surprised the optometrist. When my sugars were very high in Sept, my eyes went way out of whack and a change in script would have been very drastic, but she wanted me to control my sugars and then have a retest first. She certainly wasn’t expecting this call back visit to be so good that a change in script was not even needed. Following along with Kefir and fermenting with the kefir whey, has made the biggest difference to my cravings, the pills I would pop, pain as well as meds as well as supposedly ‘feel better’ ones. Other than the real meds, all the others have been dropped bit by bit and I’m working on the real meds too with each doctor’s checkup. I am also looking at Kombucha but will probably make Jun as it is green tea and honey, which I prefer the taste and benefits of. Anyway, once again Thankyou, Thankyou. ❤ Maryanne Carter