It was a classic miscommunication. I was running out of the house to an evening meeting at the end of an activity-packed day. The night before we had shared a large salad with ham, feta cheese and ranch dressing from the grocery store. There was a little salad left in the bowl on the counter overnight which needed to be discarded and washed, but my husband arrived home hungry and assumed the salad was left for him. He had eaten a salad that was at room temperature for over 24 hours! As soon as I learned of his predicament, I remembered Donna’s article about food poisoning and loaded him up with kefir, kombucha, and cultured veggies. He slept through the night and went to work with more probiotics for the day. He never developed any food poisoning and I’m thankful for the mighty midgets which I also like to call my pets and for Donna who has taught me so much about them. I believe I will culture all my salad dressings now to prevent future mishaps. If the dressing had been cultured, it would have just cultured the salad and become a healthy probiotic food source instead of a bowl of poison! Thank you Donna and thank you God for giving us these great helpers.