Greetings Donna!

I’ve wanted to write you for some time now to tell you how your guidance and encouragement to try fermented foods has greatly impacted our life! I also now have a question, so I’ll try to cover both in this email as they are sort of related. 😊

In 2010 my husband was traveling a lot for his work, to include trips to Israel. We believe on one of his trips to Israel he came into contact with a powerful salmonella strain which made him very sick. He wasn’t sure what was causing the bleeding and was immediately sent to a gastroenterologist who did a colonoscopy. It was then they found the salmonella and treated him for that. He got better for a while but then symptoms returned and due to several miscommunications with the doctor, he thought his issues must be something else. Long story short is he had a very bad case of a strain of salmonella that hides in the colon and is very hard to eradicate. By the time they figured out what was causing the illness, which took 6 months, his colon was a mess and he eventually lost 100 pounds and ended up on an intravenous feeding tube to recover along with several strong medications to reduce the inflammation in his colon and morphine to manage the pain. This started my journey into natural healing and over the years we did several treatments such as homemade organic beef bone broth for healing the gut, grounding and some supplements to reduce inflammation, and eventually found you and started the kefir, cultured veggies and kombucha. The traditional medical solution was to keep him on multiple medications for life, but we weren’t happy with that. I’m happy to say he is now totally drug-free and doing well, continuing to drink his raw milk kefir, kombucha and eat his cultured veggies. Thank you!

About 1 year into his journey, I was diagnosed with Leukemia. It was a slow-growing chronic form and found quite by accident while having some routine bloodwork done. I was put on a chemo drug which was to be taken for the rest of my life. I immediately cleaned up my diet and was able to get into remission within 1 year. Later the medical field discovered for some, who go into remission quickly, they can stop taking the chemo drug and will stay in remission. As this was discovered quite by accident (some patient got tired of taking his chemo and just quit), they don’t know how long this could last but eventually, they let me try and I am chemo and leukemia-free now for almost 4 years! 😊 I believe the trilogy is a very important factor for me as well in my healing and so will continue to make and consume all three!

Thank you again for all you do to help people to regain their health and to thrive. You are gifted by God and a blessing to all!!

With much gratitude,
Mark & Marty