I’m a professional dog breeder and an AKC Breeder Of Merit. I love my fur babies like they are my children. I feed the raw diet including home fermented kefir. I had a puppy with fading puppy syndrome. I knew based on past experience that this puppy wouldn’t make it through the night. He couldn’t hold down his formula that I tube fed, was lethargic and had severe diarrhea. I gave him sub q fluids for hydration. I had no idea if kefir would help him but I knew we had to try. I fed him a couple of tablespoons and he held it down! I did this every few hours. The next morning he was up and looking to go potty (the day before he couldn’t get up at all). I continued the kefir for 2 days along with the coccidia medicine to treat his illness. I tell you truthfully that I believe the kefir gave him just enough protein, enzymes and healthy bacteria to keep him alive while the medicine kicked in.

BTW… I found you because my daughter has the Epstein Barr virus. I wanted to know if anybody cured themselves with kefir. I’ve been on kefir for 2 years but never got the teens to drink it. I Googled kefir and Epstein Barr and found a testimonial that referenced you. I made my daughter read the article. After 3 months of CHRONIC fevers every day, she was well in one week post kefir. Amen and amen!!! God bless you, Donna!!! Keep up the good work!