I have only been using kefir for about 3 months, but it has caused a miracle in my life! At the age of five, I had a bout of head-to-toe shingles. It’s a mystery as to why maybe a vaccine? Anyway all of my life I’ve had shingles and it’s gotten worse as I’ve aged. I have outbreaks any time I’m under the least bit of stress. Even right before a family gathering! I’m now 60 years old, so it’s been 55 years of shingles. Recent events would have normally put me right over the edge: my dad was hospitalized, then put in a nursing home, drama with my stepmom, my dog died, my car broke down and stranded me, my dad’s dementia worsened, he became unresponsive and then God mercifully took him home. During all of that stress and drama, not one outbreak! I am so thankful to you Donna and thankful to the good Lord for leading me to want to try kefir. If it’s not manna, it should be!