“Donna, this is so emotional! I can’t believe I was privileged enough to be the mother of a miracle – and YES, I truly believe he is a miracle! I NEVER expected my son to walk or talk or be “normal” when he was a baby! Now he is SO SMART and his brain is always on and processing!

I remember when he was still in his stupor, and you made a comment about how he takes everything in and is so observant, and you could see his brain working – yet he couldn’t communicate or even crawl at that time – he was!! He was storing all that info for later! I wanted to let you know that the little brain that wasn’t able to talk for the longest time and just gazed around like he couldn’t comprehend anything… THAT little brain IS READING!!! AT 3 YEARS OLD! I kid you not, Donna!! I think he will start piano lessons soon – he LOVES music …

Watch, Donna ~ his successes are because of your food cult and your enthusiasm for food! We started sprouting, making coconut kefir, kombucha (which he BEGS for!), lots of cultured veggies, and tons of Bubbies pickles! I decided that since we ran out of coconut milk … we might as well go with raw milk on Saturday! And he did great.


I can’t tell you how big of a breakthrough this is for us! I even gave him raw milk and his sprouted cookies for a snack today! It has been a very hard road for us that we are still on – but our road has been made so much smoother because of your help!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your help and for never tiring of my scoffing!“