I was diagnosed with stomach ulcers (no scope) by my GP and given something to block acid. It didn’t help at all, and neither did anything I got from the health food store. So I did some digging online and found out about fermented food, in particular, fermented cabbage juice. I proceeded to make a drink using salt, water, and a quarter of a cabbage with filtered water in liter jars. I made four at a time and drank an entire liter each day. I let it ferment to the “sparkling” stage (like kombucha). The pain went away almost immediately, but I kept drinking just in case (it’s oddly addictive once you get used to it!) for an entire month. By then I felt completely fine. During that time, I started learning about fermented food here and with other books, and making all kinds of things which I ate regularly. About six months later, I had some tests done, including tests on my stomach bacteria and the doctor told me that I had some of the best gut flora she’d ever seen. That was three years ago. I never have canker sores (which can be cured overnight by swishing sauerkraut juice around in your mouth) anymore, I haven’t had a yeast infection since I started eating ferments, and the ulcers are history.