Hi Donna, two years ago I almost lost my life to heavy metal toxicity. I had served in the US military for 9 years and over the course of these years my body had reached it’s maximum toxic capacity. Between several deployments, the 27+ vaccinations required by my job, 7 amalgam fillings, many rounds of antibiotics and a severely permeated gut, my body began shutting down in August 2018. I suffered heavy metal toxicity, kidney stones, gallbladder/liver stones, periodontitis, night-shade/gluten/dairy allergies, chronic fatigue, anxiety/depression, muscle/weight loss, vitamin deficiency, hair loss, SIBO, parasites, chronic pink eye, severe joint pain, pneumonia and symptoms of MS just to name a few. Doctors did not know what was wrong with me or why my immune system was so weak. Did I mention I was only 36 at the time?

I came across your book, Cultured Food in a Jar, and decided to jump in with both feet. I was desperate. I had tried every cleanse, diet and supplement I could find and while I felt slightly better at times, I still didn’t feel well. I ordered everything from your website (kefir/sourdough/kombucha/cultured vegetables starters). I also ordered your prebiotic powder and went and found Teccino tea. I was so excited the day everything showed up. My husband and I ate as much fermented food as a we could with every meal and in between meals. It all tasted so good and I craved it all the time. I didn’t realize how devoid my body was of pro/prebiotic foods or the amount of heavy metals that my body had stored in an attempt to protect me. Over the course of 2 months, each day a symptom would lessen or disappear, and my energy began to come back. Feeling so much better in 2 months was a miracle to me after being sick for almost 2 years. Fermented foods are hands down the way to go, but the biggest difference I noticed was when I did a rectal kefir implant (I used coconut kefir, which also helped heal my Candida). There is research supporting the use of kefir grain implants (this would be an awesome podcast topic!!!) This is what truly healed my gut the quickest. I used about 2-3 Tablespoons, 1-2 times per day. After 2 days, all symptoms were COMPLETELY gone, not to mention the sense of true peace I felt in my heart….finally! My husband even does them with me and has seen remarkable results. We will forever continue to use fermented foods. Thank you Donna, for being such a brave pioneer and leading the way for so many others to follow. God bless you! May and your gut bugs be filled with happiness, peace, love, joy and success!