Donna, I cannot THANK YOU enough! I am so amazed. I ALWAYS knew the answer was in the food but could not figure out which ones. I was on anti-depressants for 24 years. They had to be changed out several times over the years because they weren’t working well. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Hyperparathyroidism due to the copious amounts of calcium being dumped into my bloodstream. I was constantly fatigued, my memory just shot (hard for a gal who has always had one amazing memory bank), the list is very long. Surgery was strongly encouraged repeatedly. I kept declining. Severe acid reflux began a few months ago and I was offered a pharmaceutical which I used only when so desperate and in pain, I could not get it to stop. 6 weeks ago I upped my very low dose of antidepressant (this time it was Prozac) under my doc’s guidance. Within 2 weeks I was sobbing every morning, lethargic, my memory worsened which I didn’t think was possible. I abruptly stopped the meds on a Sat, never recommended. On Wed I saw my doc who applauded me and said enough, no more. I had to be very careful with all foods as now the acid reflux really kicked in.

Yesterday I drank the milk from the kefir grains when making a new batch in the back of my car as they were already 24 hours out. My friend and I stopped at a place to eat which had some amazing chili lime shrimp tacos. I’d have avoided them but had the kefir and decided to test it. No Heartburn! I ate chocolate last night as a true test, No Heartburn! Slept like a baby and after a 10-12 hour drive with me doing nearly all of the driving, I’m PEPPY today!

I always knew the answer was in food but never could figure out what ones exactly.

Your own trials have changed MY life forever. Forever!!

I cannot thank you enough for having classes, getting so much information together in book form, doing so much research and creation on behalf of your body. THANK YOU FOR SHARING EVERYTHING including your amazing bacteria!!

Today I’ve had several people tell me how GREAT I look! I’m right now in the process of making several batches of goodies. 2 kefirs are in 2nd ferment, one is happening with coconut milk and another two are doing their thing with regular milk. In a few minutes, I’m making the grapes, the tomatoes and several quart jars of veggies to pass to friends (just the veggies for now!) because I KNOW they will feel better!

You are AMAZING, sister!!!