Donna, Reading your article and I had to share our Christmas holiday. We eat a primarily Paleo diet at our house with me, my wife, and our 3 kids 9.5 yo daughter, 5 yo son and 20 mo daughter. Well everyone in the house except my son drinks kombucha (from your scoby) every day. Together we drink about 2-16oz bottles a day.

Well, the only person that got a cold over the holiday was…you guessed it, my son. He didn’t have much, but a nasty nose and little cough for about 10 days. While we all lived in close quarters with him, NO ONE ever even had a symptom. So we are big believers, and while he sees it and will keep trying it (he is good about that), he is just not a fan.

I need to figure out if it is the carbonation because he likes pickles, fermented carrots, and fermented asparagus, so maybe I just need to keep it flat and give it to him.

Anyway, keep up the great work,

Jason McMahon