Our Shining Star of the Desert! Dear Donna, I thank God for you and your valuable information EVERY day! Our miniature poodle, Star, developed health issues in mid-January this year (2019). She quit eating and drinking totally. I went to the vet, and with blood tests found out her red & white blood cell counts were dangerously low. The vet prescribed Prednisone 2/day. The vet diagnosed her with bone marrow cancer. When we got back home, I immediately started giving her kefir. 1tsp twice a day with a syringe. After about 5 days, I also started feeding her 1T homemade sauerkraut & 1T kraut juice blended up with some cooked chicken (twice p/day). After 3 weeks we returned for another blood test. The numbers were improving, but still not in the normal range. I told the vet what I was doing, but she refused to believe that that was helping. She reduced the Prednisone dose to 3/4 pill twice/day. 3 more weeks passed & Star was putting on a lot of weight. This was due to the drugs making her eat & drink more than normal. This test showed her numbers approaching normal! The pills were reduced to 1/2 pill twice/day and then 1/4 twice/day. Today, 4-2-2019, was another blood test. Star’s numbers were into the normal range!!! Sooooo Happy! I thank God for answering my prayers, and sending you to me! I purchased your book, Cultured Food in a Jar late last year. Thank you, Donna, you’re an angel! We now have our Super Star back! She is beginning to lose weight, as we go for a walk 2 times a day, and she is happy again! (She’s so cute–she skips when we take our walks!) I will forever keep feeding her the kefir, and sauerkraut, and I’ve also added some kombucha SCOBY at noontime. (chewed up in a blender & mixed with some dog food). Thank you, again, Donna and may God bless you for all you do. Love, Jan