I have been ill for 30 years. Terrible fatigue, brain fog, food allergies, chemical sensitivities. I had been to many, many practitioners, mostly natural. The only thing that helped was homeopathy, which controlled my symptoms to a degree. Almost a year ago I started kefir and listening to Donna’s podcasts, and read two of her books, and then a couple of months later started making sauerkraut. At the age of 70, I wasn’t expecting much. But amazingly, my brain fog and depression were gone, my memory got better, I no longer needed the homeopathy, my blood sugar improved (I used to get ravenous between meals), my sleep got way better – instead of insomnia most nights, now I sleep through the night most nights, my dry rough skin became soft and moist, I went from feeling anxious and in emotional turmoil much of the time to feeling balanced and stable and much calmer, I no longer urgently need to urinate in the middle of the night. I still am pretty low energy and have chemical sensitivities. In the past month or so, there was a problem with the local raw milk I was buying, and the kefir grains weren’t working well. I began to go back to my old symptoms. So I learned from that, that I need to make sure to have the kefir and sauerkraut every day, that I am dependent on them to stay in this better health. But I have to say that this has been nothing short of MIRACULOUS for me. Nothing I have ever tried – and I tried A LOT – has given me this gift of health and well-being. I listen every week to Donna and have learned from her videos how to make these cultured foods. I so appreciate her determination to understand the human body and what it needs and her ability to be of so much help to people.

Also, I forgot to mention one other major way the kefir and sauerkraut have helped me – I was having diarrhea more and more often at unexpected times, probably IBS. That simply is not happening anymore unless I eat something that is terrifically allergenic to my system. That happens only very seldom. I’m sure I’ve left out other ways my life has changed with this miracle. I took bottles and bottles of good quality probiotics over the years, but they didn’t do much of anything for me.

Thank you, Irene