Hi Donna,
I am so excited today. I just finished harvesting my first seeds, making cream cheese from the Kefir I put out last night to ferment. Taking my second fermentation of Kefir with added Prebio Plus and 100% tart cherry juice and refrigerating it. Also bottled my Kombucha (perfectly fizzy). Skoby named
(“Faith) by the supplier who sent it to me. And scoby hotel is very happy. I just want to thank you and encourage everyone to keep trying with them all. Your podcasts help so much and I feel like I am listening to my friend.
I am 73 years old and have a rare blood problem. Hoping this will please my hematologist after my next blood test. I do believe that all ailments start in the gut. I have suffered with IBS for many years. Elimination diets to try to figure that one out. I know where every bathroom is wherever I go. I finally got it down to eggs, bread, milk etc.
I can’t remember what I was searching for on the computer but it just happened to be you Donna and I am so grateful. My kitchen looks like a science project but I also have my husband trying the kombucha and will be eating more things without knowing what’s in the recipe. I also wanted to tell you that I have terrible hives and have tried everything but thought it wouldn’t hurt to try whey on them. In a spray bottle, I just spray it on and it’s helping a lot.
So thank you again. Oh, sauerkraut is probably ready today. Can’t wait to get my sourdough culture from Amazon.

Love from me and Faith,