Our story of healing is quite a miracle to us! I play the role of supermom (without the cape) to five sons, the youngest of which became extremely ill for the first time in his life after (5) immunizations, antibiotics and subsequently developed brain fog, gut dysbiosis, lost language and was diagnosed with candida overgrowth as well as leaky gut. At three years of age, he was given the label of moderately autistic. We were more than devastated! I poured my whole self into my son over the next eight years trying to help him to heal. He made progress in many areas, but at 8 years old he was sadly still in a pull-up and having horrendous diarrhea, stomach pains and digestion/candida issues. A friend of mine introduced me to Kombucha making, but I felt unsure about how to do it and concerned about the safety of it for my son. Not being a religious, but more a spiritual person I decided to ask the Universe & my Creator to guide me to the answers I sought. The next morning Donna’s website was the first one I found during a Kombucha google search. I made my first batch two years ago and with a hopeful heart, I gave my son a glass every morning with his breakfast. He loved it! Here is the miracle part — within literally (3) weeks later, one day my son “Phoenix” jumped up from playing and announced, “I need to poop!” He ran upstairs and used the bathroom!!! Sorry folks, but after 8 yrs. of the runs, this was the most beautiful poop I had ever seen! Not only that, but his brain fog began to lift and his speech got better. The rest is history. No more pull-ups, accidents or stomach pains. I remember my husband and I being wide-eyed and in shock the day this happened. We knew the Kombucha was the reason. It was the only new thing we were doing with our son after years of antifungals, supplements, and various diets. I am now in the process of changing careers & writing a book about our experience with our son’s autism and the healing power of not only Kombucha but Kefir as well. We love and drink both. What is even more amazing is that my husband’s blood pressure is going down and I too have been healing from the physical and emotional pain of a lack of self-care over the years while I was bent so far back trying to heal my son. God works in mysterious ways…yes indeed! Thank you, Donna, keep up your angelic work of service to others. You have touched our lives by sharing your passion for what you believe in and changed us in a profound way. Thank God for you and Cultured Food Life!