Hello, My story starts about 55 years ago and it has to do with cancer and probiotics! Let me start about two years ago, though, when I first got interested in Kefir. I was keeping the Kefir culture going and using it about once a week at that time.

Then two months ago, I was having trouble with my urinary tract. I decided to go back to my natural soap to balance out my bacteria (harsh soaps were killing it) and up my kefir intake to twice a day. Yes! It worked and no more symptoms!

I revisited your site again after not doing so for a couple of years and decided to listen to some of the podcasts in our kitchen where my husband could hear them. Stosh, being a good cook, was intrigued and said he was going to make his own and make it “right”! Well, we both got hooked and we are enjoying cultured vegetables, kefir, kefir cheese, and our first kombucha will be ready in a day or two. We are in our mid-sixties and our energy is up in only two weeks and we are sleeping like babies.

Now back to about 55 years ago! When I was 10 I was diagnosed with cancer. My mother was told I had about 4 months to live! Poor Mom would go into my bedroom in the morning to see if I was still alive.

Radiation treatments, which the doctors advised, were fairly new then and Mom decided they were too dangerous. She sought out natural treatments. I was treated by Dr. Max Gerson (his daughter continues his work today, Gerson.org). Also, I was given a new herbal formula (by Dr. McQueen-Williams) that was at the time, just tested on animals and successful but they want a person to test it on. (That was me). Also, I was given two quarts a day of what was then called “Moldin”. Mom was taught by Dr. Minninberg from Russia how to make a drink from bread and water that was fermented.

Well, the lights went on when I was hearing how your Chris and others have been helped and cured with the addition of cultured drinks like kombucha. I, too, was on cultured foods back in the early 60’s. My doctors who gave up on me were astounded at the time! My case was taken before the US Congress in 1974 when then-President Nixon asked that cancer be eradicated and instituted the “National Cancer Attack Act”. Unfortunately, nothing good came from that Act. My guess is that drug companies were less than thrilled. Mom even went up before the AMA (American Medical Association) in court siting my case, but that went nowhere.

But thank you, Donna, for spreading the word!! I’m doing the same and perhaps many more lives will be improved to good health or even saved!

(This is me a year ago.)

All My Best for Peace and Good Health!!

Deborah Oskwarek