3 years ago I experienced what is called trigger finger! My fingers were locking up and not bending any longer but locking into a closed position. I had a CK test done and my inflammation was extremely high causing me all over body pain. I felt 80 years 90 years old and movement was very painful. I did my own research and found out that high levels of uric acid was a culprit as well. I began on the inside first. Raw goat milk kefir with Donna’s grains. BEST investment I ever made. I have been drinking Raw Goat milk kefir for 3 years now. I did go to a physical therapist who taught me about and went for three months to regain movement! But other therapists did not even know what to do for me, of course, they wanted to slice my arms pull tendons and scrape bone to make my tendons work again. I said NO. What is sad is that my doctor will not admit the raw milk kefir is what healed me on the inside of so many things I am sure I do not even know about. my diet is correct now I drive 80 miles to get my raw goat milk that is how important these grains are to live!!! They are filled with life healing properties. I beg you if you are in pain and bad health try this and stick with it for the rest of your life… Thank you, Donna, for this information. It saved me and I am living pain-free now and feel fantastic. I sold a guitar because I thought I would never be able to play again. Please do this first before any thought of surgery or horrible medication. I also pass goat milk kefir along to my pets!!!

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.

When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.