About six months ago, I was playing with my granddaughter and noticed that I couldn’t concentrate on her because I was vaguely nauseous. I just assumed it was something I ate and ignored it. As the days went by though, this nausea continued, as well as other digestive symptoms such as terrible gas pain, cramping and constipation. I went to the doctor and began a series of tests, imaging and scopes to wind up with a diagnosis of H. Pylori, a stomach bacteria that I had never heard of. Although most people have this bacteria present in small amounts, mine had gotten out of balance and caused acute gastritis and a low level reflux. After one series of terrible antibiotics and other medications, I still tested positive. I was miserable, both mentally and physically, had lost alot of weight and even started sessions with a therapist. When I decided to do a second round of even harder antibiotics, I stumbled across your website and began to read about the benefits of fermented foods. Although I feel like I am well read on health issues, I had never really considered the impact that the gut biome can have on overall health! So this time instead of probiotic capsules, I decided to try fermented foods. I ordered your easy kefir packets, jars, veggie starter, and one of your books and got busy! I drank 1-2 cups of kefir a day, always in a green smoothie with your Prebio added, I made apple kraut and ate it daily and drank the juice! I decided to drink GT kombucha for now as I didn’t want to take on too much at once. I am now 8 weeks past my last antibiotic regimen and just tested negative! My appetite is returning, and it feels like my brain is lighting up again, along with a zest for living! I cannot thank you enough for all the information you provide. I am sharing this with everyone I know, and will keep eating and drinking these awesome fermented foods the rest of my life!