Hi Donna. I’m so excited I had to share my story. A year ago I found out through a routine blood work that my kidneys were functioning at 43%. It was a shock and I was scared to death. I rocked along for a few months, changed my diet and saw little improvement. Six months ago I contacted you Donna. You told me about kefir and fermented foods and I thought I would try this to see if something so simple could actually help me. I ordered my kefir grains from you and the Cutting Edge Veggie Starters. I started making kefir and having a kefir smoothie for breakfast every morning. I made sauerkraut and I have 2 Tablespoons after lunch and dinner. Love it and love kefir. As the months went by my kidney function started to improve. My eGFR number went from 43 to 48 to 54 to 57 and last week I had blood work done and Praise God my kidney eGFR number was >60 which is in the normal range. I can’t tell you how excited my husband and I are and soooo very thankful for you and all your help Donna. You never tired of answering my questions almost daily. Thank you Donna and God Bless.