Hi Donna, I just wanted to let you know I had my first batch of Kefir tonight. I second fermented with an orange peel as you showed in the video, and it was delicious and even a little fizzy as you showed. I had two cups, so I drank some and gave some to my friend who wants to get grains and start. She also said it was delicious.

Two of her 3 boys have digestive problems and she wants them to drink it every day. Plus her doctor told her to drink kefir for joint problems. (She is the one who was first so offended about kefir vs. matsoni.) So I just wanted to let you know that with all your help and your wonderful videos, I feel I made a successful start with Kefir that I don’t think I ever would have done with all the help, pictures, videos, answered questions!

After traveling to Ukraine for two weeks later this month, I’ll come back and start on cultured veggies! Now I have two friends who want kefir grains, so it means when I travel, I’ll have someone to care for my grains or I can just get new ones. You’re such a blessing to me and to so many others. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your detailed videos, answers to questions and more. I don’t know any other website or help site that provides so much help.

Also, it was delightful skyping with you!

With deep gratitude,


PS: I just LOVE your website and all the answers. I had a question about using a cellar to store cultured veggies and was going to email you. Then I decided to check the forum first and found a detailed answer!

What a great service!