Funny story, the first time I made Kefir cheese my tiny silky dog (15 yrs old and 4kg)) stood by the bowl catching the whey. I had the kefir hanging from the clothes airer dripping into a bowl below. She began making deep throaty noises and as I noticed what she was doing, I realized our other Silky, the same age was out in the hallway whimpering because she was afraid to come into the room.

Her sister was threatening her to not come close to ‘her’ bowl of whey. So now, I drain my kefir in the bathroom where I can shut the doors. When the dust settled, I gave them both a small drink of whey and some kefir which they loved and they gobble it down now, twice a day. It has made so much difference to Buttons (the first dog), who suffers from IBD and occasionally pancreatitis, that I will keep on giving it to them. Buttons was experiencing a bout of IBD at the time I started giving it to her but that cleared up very quickly and the vet said that once we know that the IBD bout has completely cleared this time, we’ll keep the dogs on the kefir and wean Buttons off her medication (herbal) and see how she goes.

They like it so much that I tried them on my sauerkraut – but nope, not this time! LOL! We are growing some of our own veggies and sooner or later we’ll catch up on the rest of the world and I’ll be able to follow your recipes and ideas more closely. I’m able to adapt them to use what I can get hold of so we’re doing okay. You have changed our lives so much for the better, so thank you for sharing your story and ideas.

Thank you.