Hi, Donna! I have some exciting news to pass on. I remember reading last summer about how probiotics had helped reduce your allergy symptoms, and thinking how wonderful that would be. Based on your success, I was encouraged and even willing to keep at it for four of five years to achieve some reasonable reduction in watery, itchy eyes and, of course, the sneezies.

We attended your introduction class in March 2012 and bought some milk kefir grains that night. Within a few months, we’d added water kefir, kombucha, and cultured veggies to our diet. I’d been taking coconut oil for some time so I suppose we can add that to the list, too. I take all these religiously every day and am pleased to report that now, just fourteen or fifteen months later, I am essentially allergy-symptom free! Wheeee!

I still can’t believe it! It’s hard to explain how great it feels not to have to put up with these long-held symptoms anymore. Summers were always the worst, but this year my allergies just have not been a problem. And I understand this summer is one of the worst for allergy sufferers like me. While I didn’t play football with dinosaur eggs in my youth, I am approaching my sixty-sixth birthday in a few months, so I’m pleased that for once, age doesn’t seem to be a complicating factor.

Bruce HoodIt looks like you can get healthy at any age. I hope your followers are experiencing similar results or can hold out some reasonable hope that they, too, can reduce or eliminate the symptoms. If it worked for me, it has to work for others. I just thought you’d like to know. Thanks for educating us about these wonderful healing foods.