Back in December of 2016 I have the car but my hands to come pick me up once they got there I’m a heart rate was completely out of control it was way over a hundred it was like 145 and blood pressure was out of control. What is the hospital in all types of tests and they came back and said everything was fine my heart was fine everything was fine I don’t know what’s going on. I was prescribed 25 milligrams of metoprolol twice a day to help slow the heart rate down and told to go see a cardiologist. With my husband just starting this new job on the 12th of December of the insurance hadn’t kicked in yet so I was not financially able to actually go to see a cardiologist. I had to be taken back to the emergency room three more times on separate occasions for the same thing they thought it was my thyroid I got blood drawn for bed I have all came back fine the last your trip was the end of January and I went and the because I wasn’t feeling good. They ran all types of tests came back and said everything was perfect no one could tell me what was going on with me so I decided to do a little research on my own because my heart rate seems to always go up once I ate. After doing some research I came across a couple of stories of people saying if they have IBS so some of my symptoms that point to that but I was very disappointed because after four er trips I would have expected them to be able to let me know what’s going on. After the day of leaving the emergency room, I made up in my mind to go ahead and try to see what I can do to get my body back to working properly. I went to a nature Market here where I live and in Texas and after speaking with the owner she informs me about the rock all Kefir as well as probiotics I decided that I would go ahead and give that a try because anything was worth me feeling better than I was feeling. I am actually 4 days in and my heart rate is now at a steady rate of in the seventies I thank God for that because I know that he sent me where I needed to go. I most definitely will incorporate the Kefir in my lifestyle every day I most definitely have been off the blood pressure medicine I know that you’re not opposed to automatically stop but it was actually making me sicker. My blood pressure for the last 3 days has been around 115 / 75 what A pulse around 73 or 74. I can truly say that this is the best I ever felt in a very long time I most definitely want to share my story with you because we never know how we can help someone. A lot of things we put inside body really does poison it so we most definitely have to heal the inside so I most definitely know that this is what helped me