In 2012 after a high-stress year, we finally made our dream of moving to Colorado a reality. I could not understand why I couldn’t feel complete joy, why my stomach always hurt, or why my energy was always down.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with an H-pylori infection and subsequent stomach ulcers. After a month of antibiotic treatment, the H-pylori infection was finally under control, but I had lost 20 pounds and was weak, depressed, and ached in every joint possible. My dream of hiking in the mountains was only in my mind, I could barely get out of bed. I could no longer digest healthy foods and high oxalate foods caused my thyroid to deplete. My hair started falling out, I was always cold, my hands were purplish-blue, and I could barely make it through the day without having to sit and rest or nap. All this while homeschooling my young children and wanting to live the active Colorado life that I had visualized for many years.

Thankfully, my prayers were answered when I found you, Donna. I knew that my gut needed a whole new experience after being attacked by several rounds of antibiotics. I bought your kefir grains, kombucha SCOBY, and culture packets and got started on the trilogy in 2013. It took a year to gain back my lost muscle and lost hair or be able to digest healthy food again, but what an incredible year of learning and growing. Since starting the trilogy, I feel like I’ve aged backward (and according to others, I look younger too).

My gratitude for the awareness of gut health and how to heal from the inside out can not be adequately expressed. No doubt this was a Divine intervention to stop my reliance on doctors and antibiotics for every throat, sinus, and upper respiratory infection that came along.

Myself, my husband, and my two children used to get these types of infections two, three, or four times per year and we always were treated with antibiotics. Since starting the trilogy, none of us have had to see the doctor or get on any type of medication. Seven years with no sick appointments! We’ve had colds here and there, but we heal on our own using the trilogy, rest, and gratitude. Donna, you are an incredible teacher and messenger for true health and my family and I appreciate your work more than you know. Thank you for making this information and these healing foods available for everyone. Biggest Blessings.