Hi Donna!

Here is a happy miracle story that you will like. Milk Kefir helped heal our 9-year-old English springer spaniel’s leaky gut and improved his immune system. His name is Watson and is our beloved therapy dog. He almost died from allergies that progressed over 5 years in the form of rashes. Those rashes became worse and worse over those years to the point he ultimately developed life-threatening MRSA all over his body. We knew things had to change for him and we had to try a different approach than what all the vets had tried and suggested over the years. We treated the MRSA with a mix of prescribed antibiotics and our own learned homeopathic cocktail to help reverse his leaky gut. I just knew that modern medicine and homeopathy were needed in conjunction together to help him. Our vet was skeptical. Watson’s immune system slowly was rebuilt over this time using milk Kefir. He has not had ANY rashes for the first time in his entire life for the last 2 years, nor any yeast infections in his paws and ears! Milk kefir did that. It’s the only thing that we have kept up for him faithfully every day since he was so sick from the MRSA. Just so you know, that whole healing process took nearly 6 months! He is now completely healthy and never sick in any way! Donna, we listen to all of your videos and podcasts on YouTube. I recommend you to so many and refer to you as my “fermentation Guru”. I love learning from you! Thanks for everything you and your family do, you have helped us so much!


Bonnie Casner