This is Bonkers, one of our rescue cats. He has the Herpes virus and suffered from terrible mucous and irregular bowels for years. Our veterinarian recommended a Lysine supplement It helped but didn’t make that much of a difference. The kefir did! The mucous is almost gone. There’s no more sneezing fits with mucous dripping from and encrusting his nose, and his bowels are normal. We started giving him half a teaspoon of kefir twice a day. When he didn’t have a negative reaction, we doubled it to a teaspoon. He liked it so much and begged for more (he thinks he’s 1 of the dogs, that helps) that it grew to a tablespoon twice a day. Now, when we have extra grains, we mix them into his food a few times a week. We cannot believe how much his health has improved in just 2 weeks after struggling with it for over 10 years. Thank you!