I have much to thank Donna for!
Only after finding her page with all the marvelous recipes did cultured food really “click“ for me.
I was relieved of my multi-faceted gut problems, which caused for example diarrhoea – I always needed to know where a public toilet was in town, as it was impossible to wait when the urge came.
After eating, I felt like my belly was full of stones.
Believe me, I tried many things!
Yet the break came only after finding Donna!!
I have another example of help from fermented food, though.
Recently, I had ear canal infections three times in a row. It was very painful!
The doctors refused to take a smear test. Finally, yet another ENT doctor did.
He gave me cortisone and antibiotic ear drops, as the results of the test would take about 10 days and he didn’t want to leave me for so long without medication.

However, he said, it might also be a fungus and both types of meds are contra-indicated for fungal infections.

So, I went home and thought….
I decided not to use the meds from the doctor. Instead I put kefir whey into my ears. What can I say, I’m absolutely amazed how quickly it worked!
It cleared up the pain, the extreme itchiness and the secretion from the ear.

When I got the test results, it turned out to be multi-resistant bacteria.
So, the antibiotics would have had no effect anyway.

My conclusion out of all of this is to be more in sync with our bodies, much more self-reliant and self-responsible.
I have become more and more courageous in trying out other means than pills from the doctors. It‘s amazing what we can do with food, herbs, balms and ointments, homemade!
As English is not my native tongue, I apologise for any mistakes, I might have made writing this.
Wishing you all health and joy, a true vitality, which unfortunately most people are lacking.