Hello Donna, I began my fermented food journey a few years ago. I was overweight and having constant yeast infections. I began by fasting a number of times which did help a lot, I lost almost 60 pounds and once I added homemade yogurt, fermented pickles and kimchee my yeast infections were finally under control.

Since then I have jumped into all kinds of fermenting, kefir, kefir water, and fermented vegetables. I originally just followed recipes from Wild fermentation, but then I came across your facebook site and then your website. I have found it very inspiring and am so glad to see that so many other people are having their health transformed by incorporating fermented foods.

My husband and I are beekeepers and are currently trying very hard to inform people about the dangers of GMO crops and the deadly effects they have on our earth’s pollinators. we live in a world where we seem to be at war with an industry that is pushing poisoned, chemical-laden food that is devoid of nutrition, I see so many people eating more and more of this food-seeking to fill their bodies with the nutrition they need and still they are malnourished. I sincerely thank you for helping people and making all this information readily available and easy to use.

You are making a huge difference in so many people’s lives!