I wanted to say how grateful I am to you and your quest for the whole world to experience the power of cultured foods! I began reading your blog and became a member back in February as I felt I have been running in circles trying different methods to help myself just feel better and to help both my children’s overall health. My journey began slowly, as I could not find live kefir grains in my area at the time and the dehydrated ones I purchased and used, I now realize they were hurt in some way and completely different from when I came to experience healthy, live grains! A bit discouraged, but nevertheless, I kept reading your uplifting and informative articles and new that I must not give up! I could feel your passion and sincerity through your writing and I just knew I was on the right path to a better me! I was blessed with finding a kombucha scoby, beautiful kefir grains, and I continually make cultured veggies (plan to pick up a sourdough starter soon!) and consume some each day, sharing with my children as well. Now, nine months after my journey began, I was scheduled to have a routine checkup for a benign tumor in my breast which has been causing pain for the past 2 years. Each visit would bring the same results – non-invasive – and I would be sent on my way to “deal” with it, as I was told it would probably be a part of me until I reached menopause. However, I somehow knew this visit would be different, I could feel the lump more pronounced and immediately thought bad news. Boy was I wrong! Turns out the fatty cells around the mass had actually shrunken and were disappearing! That’s why I was able to feel the original mass much more clearly. When I got back to my car I burst into tears, I was so thankful for you and for the millions of bacteria fighting to keep my body well! Consuming cultured foods is the ONLY thing I had done differently since my prior appointment and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your journey with the world to help people like myself. With prayer and cultured foods, there’s nothing we can’t do!! Thank you, Donna and God Bless!! xo