YOU WILL love Cultured Food in a Jar

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Hi friends! I am so excited to present my new book to you all — Cultured Food in a Jar is my 3rd book and very favorite. I have over 88 beautiful pictures, and a 100+ simple and fun recipes that I make all the time!  I hope this will be the book that will change your life and health for the better. You'll get all the basics on how to make cultured foods. Foods like kefir (which includes non-dairy, too) and kombucha, cultured veggies, and water kefir.

If you're new to cultured foods or you're a master fermenter, you'll want this book; it has what you need. I have over 100+ recipes that will teach you how to include  probiotic foods in your everyday life. Each probiotic food has special properties that you need. Do you struggle with inflammation, acid reflux, or do your blood sugars get out of whack?  Kefir is the food for you and it does so much more to help you bring balance to all areas of your life. Do you crash in the middle of the day and have adrenal fatigue? Then you need cultured veggies or kombucha. Probiotic foods help your immune system stay strong and keep colds and flus at bay, and boost those hard working adrenals. I use this book to help myself stay healthy and strong. People count on me, be it my family, business, or the thousands of people I help online or at my classes and radio show. It's a lifestyle and one I've embraced for over fifteen years.

If you could spend a week with me and see the emails I get, my goodness it's something else. The stories of people who felt such despair and then found that their own body had the ability to heal itself with the help of these special microbes. It would make you a believer. Whether you decide to embrace cultured foods or not, I want you to do something. Please find a way to feel better. You won't believe how much your world will change. I'm so grateful, happy, and joyful to be living this life in a human body that cares for me and vice versa. I'm grateful for the sickness and pain that was a warning sign from my body that made me change. It set me on a course that made me not only love my body, but others too. So if you'd like some help, I would love for you to come into my little world and get cultured. It can change everything for you. It most certainly has done this for me. Much love to you my friends. Here is my heart and lifestyle on 240 pages. All pictures and recipes were created by me and my family ~ which is how it was always meant to be.