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Why The Whole World Should Eat Kimchi Every Day


The Power of Kimchi

Bird Flu Epidemic

First time I heard about the power of the cultured vegetable kimchi was during the bird flu epidemic. It was a scary epidemic that hit Asia in 2005 – about 60% of those infected with this virus died. Scientists were searching frantically for ways to protect humans and poultry from this deadly virus.

Koreans have eaten kimchi for thousands of years and believed in the powerful medicinal effects of kimchi. Microbiologist Kang Sa Ouk thought he had found a way to battle against the bird flu virus with kimchi. Dr. Kang used the special bacteria extracted from kimchi to treat chickens with the bird influenza.1 They gave thirteen chickens kimchi and eleven of the thirteen chickens made a full recovery; those in a control group who were not treated with kimchi died. Kimchi was credited with protecting South Korea from the bird flu since most Koreans eat seventy pounds of kimchi a year. Neighboring countries that don’t consume kimchi, like China and Japan, were not so fortunate. They had many cases of bird flu while South Korea had no confirmed cases.


It was this bird flu story that really convinced me to try the cultured vegetables I had previously made a week earlier. It was my first batch of cultured vegetables, and I was stricken with food poisoning from a batch of artichoke dip. I was desperate to feel better. Laying in bed, sick as can be, I was thinking about this story. I then dragged myself to the kitchen, grabbed my cultured vegetables, and swigged a drink from the jar. Later that day I felt like a new woman and was convinced of the power of these cultured vegetables and the rest is history. I eat them every day.

Kimchi and all cultured vegetables have been studied and proven to have many healing properties. The Journal of Medicinal Food has credited kimchi with the following benefits:2

helping digestion fighting cancer anti-obesity
anti-constipation colorectal health promotion cholesterol reduction
fibrolytic effect brain health promotion immune promotion
skin health promotion anti-aging properties antioxidative properties

With 200 strains of good bacteria, they’re a powerful food that can make a huge difference in helping you stay healthy.

kimchi Kimchi is made with a blend of cabbage, red pepper, garlic, ginger, onion, and radish and is incredibly delicious. This is the recipe I enjoy and make most often. Kimchi is the national food in Korea and for good reason. It can heal and make well, and it tastes spicy and unique. I think you will love it, just like thousands of Koreans do every day!

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Kimchi Recipe

Kimchi is an ancient dish that Koreans have been making for centuries. In fact, it is their national dish, and I’m sure that every family has their own recipe. My recipe is not as spicy as some, but you can adjust the seasonings to suit your taste.
33 Responses to "Why The Whole World Should Eat Kimchi Every Day"
  1. Hi Donna,
    So far I have only been drinking the kefir! And most always in a smoothie.
    I am not a big fan of cooking or being in the kitchen. We are also empty nesters,
    so I have a hard time using all the kefir up before time to make a new batch. My husband
    is not really into it, but will drink it iin a smoothie every now and then.
    I have been giving my dogs the kefir that is still left when I make a new batch.
    I would love to try the kimchi, but again, is there anyway to make all these things for one??
    I have your new book but haven’t read it yet…..
    I have the best intentions and yet never get around to some of them!
    Thanks for any advice concerning any of the above!

  2. Hi Donna and lovely readers. I have made several batches of cultured vegies. Do find it a bit hard to add to my regular meals, but try and throw it in wherever possible; even in cooked casserole type dishes. Is this okay? or amy heating it? I ruining the benefits by heating it? Also just started Kombucha Tea. Love it, love it!!! Again, I drink it straight, add to other drinks, add soda, put it into deserts etc. One thing though, I am not sure how much I should be drinking of straight kombucha tea per day. Can you help here?

    • Heating it above 115 degrees will kill the cultures. Warm is good but hot is what kills bacteria.

      You can have as much as you want of kombucha as you want.

  3. Thank you so much for the work you do and this recipe! Been wanting to consume kimchi but did not know how to make it. I started preparing my own kombucsha and kefir (using goat milk) since you came onto Hay House Radio!! A few weeks back I started with two small jars of cultured vegetables (one with culture and the other without) as I was not sure how they would turn out. I am still using those and now I am going to prepare my own kimchi. Great work Donna! I’m grateful to you and Hay House as now you reach me in Africa !

    • Yea!! Makes me smile that you can make cultured foods in Africa! You’re making the Trilogy! Kefir kombucha and cultured vegetables, you did good! Happy Fermenting.

  4. I tried to Pin the recipe to Pinterest and it won’t let me saying something about the parameters. I really want to pin it and try it later.

  5. Oh Donna I am sooo glad I found you. I have had problems with my digestion since I was a kid and I turn 60 tomorrow! I found my way to you in November and started with kefir followed by kombucha and cultured vegys. I make them all on a continuous basis. Whenever I feel a little sniffle coming on I drink some cultured veg juice. My stomach no longer hurts when I eat and I have bountiful energy. I am loving experimenting with the cultured veg recipes and just put together a version of your kimchi combining it with your Curdido Salvdoran. It smells wonderful! Bless you for following your calling.

  6. How much kimchi to be beneficial? I admit that I do NOT like kimchi but I eat a little every day because of health benefits…How much do I have to eat to be sure I am getting the benefits? Is there any other cultured vegetable that has the powerful punch of kimchi?

  7. Hi Donna, I first found your blog when I was looking for natural remedies to help with my high blood pressure. I believe in the power of asking the universe to give you the answers to what you need to do. I felt pretty positive when you studied with a Donna, your name is Donna, and so is mine. My blood pressure dropped from 175/95 to 135/82 after using kefir for a couple months. That was about 2 years ago. I make my own kefir, cultured vegetables and drink kombucha. Its so good to eat food you know is healthy. Thank you so much and Bless You. Donna

    • High blood pressure coming down was the first thing I noticed when I started doing kefir. So glad its helping you too. So many people have found this benefit and what a blessing compared to taking drugs. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I’ve been wanting to try kimchi, so thanks for the recipe! Off topic – I am in Dallas for travel and wandered thru a small “festival” in downtown near our hotel. To my delight I found a Holy Kombucha “tent” with kombucha on tap!!! I ordered a blueberry ginger. A couple hours later I returned with husband and all had been taken down but I had gotten some pics earlier to show my friends. Donna thanks for all you do!

  9. Hi Donna,
    Would I deny an important benefit of Kimchi if I used 1/2 the chili flakes or less in this recipe? Say 1/4 teaspoon instead of half a teaspoon? Don’t care for food that burns my mouth. It’s a real deal breaker for me. Not sure we can compare ‘heat’ with only our comments, but wanted to ask anyway. Thank you.

  10. I do not understand in the Kimchi recipe the following:
    If using Cutting Edge Starter Culture, place 1/2 cup water in a glass measuring cup and add sugar or juice
    How much sugar or juice? and why?

  11. there are so many recipes out there to make Kimchi this one of your sounds wonderful going to save this and make this for me never tasted this been wanting to make this Kimchi thks Donna your the best Ontario Canada here

  12. I’d love to make this. I reviewed the recipe and it says – If using Cutting Edge Starter Culture, place 1/2 cup water in a glass measuring cup and add sugar or juice. The ingredient list doesn’t mention sugar or a type of juice or amounts to use of either. Can you clarify please?

  13. Thank you Donna! My husband has been requesting kimchi but I wasn’t sure what it was. This explains it so well, and the recipe is perfect, just what I needed to feel like I can do this! I have your book and thanks to you I have been making kefir since January. My son had very severe eczema all over his body. We were scheduled to see a specialist, but after just a few weeks of kefir his whole body cleared of eczema and he has not had any eczema since January. What a blessing! I also make kefir cheese and more recently kefir soda, which the kids LOVE! I made fermented pickles that turned out great, and I attempted your apple kraut (that didn’t go so well). We are also starting kombucha. I’m so grateful for your information and sharing your story . If I hadn’t heard you on Hayhouse I may never have started the kefir. Thank you!!!

    • That’s a pretty powerful testimony of what these foods can do. Its one of the many reasons I keep spreading the good news. Thanks you for sharing, many blessings to you and yours.

  14. Several health experts advise not to eat fermented foods if they have leaky gut because fermented foods can feed the bad bacteria. It is confusing!

    • They most likely talking about fermented foods made with vinegar’s that are canned on store shelves. These are very different that those made with cultures.

  15. Kimchi is absolutely wonderful. It’s so easy to customize to your taste. I love experimenting with different flavors.

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