What is Kombucha

4-KombuchaIf you haven’t tried kombucha, you are missing out!

So what exactly is kombucha? Kombucha (pronounced come-boo-cha) is a living health drink made by fermenting tea and sugar with the kombucha culture. It has been around for hundreds of years. If you are concerned that it is made with sugar, you needn’t be. The sugar is consumed by the culture leaving you with a delicious tart drink. The result can taste like something between sparkling apple cider and champagne, depending on what kind of tea you use. It’s not what you would imagine fermented tea to taste like.

Kombucha is made and drunk around the world. It has been a ‘secret formula’ for those ‘in the know’ and a lifesaver for many a poor person in the less blessed nations. I am so impressed with this drink that I have it daily. One of the main reasons I drink kombucha is for glucuronic acid. This is the body’s most important detoxifier. When toxins enter the liver, this acid binds them to them and flushes them out through the kidneys. Once bound by glucuronic acid, toxins cannot escape. Glucuronic acid is one of the more significant constituents of kombucha. As a detoxifying agent it’s one of the few agents that can cope with pollution from the products of the petroleum industry, including all the plastics, herbicides, pesticides and resins. It kidnaps the phenols in the liver, which are then eliminated easily by the kidneys. It is such a strong detoxifier that I have come to rely on it for helping with issues of weight loss, allergies, building the immune systems, fighting yeast infections and helping with joint problems and digestive problems. One of the best ways to get kombucha is at your local health food store.
Here is a link to help: Gt’s Synergy Kombucha and you can read the story of the founder, GT Dave, and his mom and learn how kombucha helped her overcome cancer. It’s very powerful. You can also make it yourself. I do and it is delicious. Kombucha tea is probiotic, detoxifying and energizing.  I cannot say enough about it. Try it and see for yourself.

kombucha brewingBody & Soul magazine said the sales of kombucha have climbed to 70 million, which has doubled than tripled in the last 2 years. Many years ago when I first started making my own, I became hooked quickly.  Prior to that, I was so addicted to diet pop, (yes I know that it is the worst) that I could not get off of it.  It was kombucha, which not only gave me the delicious naturally occurring carbonation that I craved with pop, but it was also loaded with probiotics and B vitamins.

I am thrilled when I see people reaching for kombucha instead of pop. My daughter takes special acting classes and when I see 4 or 5 teenage girls walk into class with kombucha I can’t help but feel proud. Their parents who I talk with and have become converts now drink it and it trickles down to the kids.

The other thing that we don’t know a lot about is the good yeast in kombucha.  A specific type of yeast that is found in kombucha is Saccharomyces boulardii. It is used as the number one probiotic used in hospitals, under the brand name of   Florastor®. You can literally drink a bottle of kombucha and feel it lift your sense of well-being. It makes you feel great.

I hear this over and over from people. Whether it is all the B vitamins or the probiotics, it is just awesome!!! This is such a staple at my house that we fight over it.

Oh and one more thing. It is great for weight loss. It just makes you not as hungry. It loads your body with beneficial enzymes, good bacteria and yeast to help digest your food and take the load off your digestive system.

You can always make your own and at very little cost.

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  1. Hello Donna ?
    How long will the 1st fermented Tea stay good, bottled and kept in refrigerator?
    And how long will a 2nd Fermented tea with fruit juice stay good, bottled in the fridge?
    Your site is a Blessing, ? So happy to have found it!

  2. Hi Donna. I love your site It has such wonderful information. Can you tell me how much Kombucha I can/should have daily for maximum benefit?

  3. Hi Donna. I am brewing Kombucha and my scobys have always grown well but this new set is just not growing. I’m using 1 cup starter tea to a gallon. The end result tastes right and smells good, and the PH (I use test strips) is right so I think it is drinkable but why is the scoby not growing?