The 12 Days of Kefir Recipe Cards

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Here are recipes I make for my family during the holidays. We try to stay healthy and help our immune system stay strong especially when sugar is everywhere. Did you know that too much sugar can drop your immune system by 75%.  Your gut is responsible 80% of your immune system. The more good bacteria you have, the better your immune system is.  Check out this article on: The Real Reasons Your Immune System Needs Cultured Foods

I took all of the recipes from The 12 Days of Kefir videos and made them into recipe cards! They make GREAT stocking stuffers and they help keep you healthy. Check out all the recipes below by expanding each recipe title.

Christmas🎄is fun for me and I want to stay healthy, be happy, and spread the fun through the holiday season. I want to help you do the same!

Here are the recipes that you will receive.

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One of my favorite Holiday teas is a tea called Comfort and Joy. It has lemon and orange and apple bits with cinnamon and is hands down my favorite tea at Christmas time. I decided to turn the things I love about this tea into a kefir soda.

I put a picture of my kefir snowman on facebook and asked my friends to help me name him. There were all kinds of names. Fermented Frosty, Proby the Biotic snowman… My hands down favorite name was Kefir Snowtherland. If you’re not familiar with Kiefer Sutherland, he’s an actor and the only person I know named Kiefer. So it seemed only fitting to name my snowman after him. Kefir Snowtherland made with kefir butter!

This special probiotc guacamole is green and I used red serrano peppers to make it more festive. But the really special thing about this guacamole is it stays green. I have made it several times and decided to leave it in the fridge and after day 5 it was still green and hadn’t turned brown. It is the probiotics that do this. They preserve the food and keep it fresh and when you eat it it preserves you and keeps you looking younger too. Super cool and nice if you want to make it a head of time.

These little guys look like Santa Claus and are the cutest little fruit snacks. They are made with strawberries and pineapples and my special whipped cream that I make all the time that keeps the whip cream stabile forever.

When I was growing up in Maryland my dad always bought a cheese ball for the holidays. Many times he brought two or three because he couldn’t decide on the flavor, but we always had one. It is a tradition at our house too. Family traditions that go down through the generations are the best.

I absolutely love baked apples and I make them a lot. I make them for breakfast because of the way the smell fills the house and makes it feel homey. I made these bake apples into bowls, added cinnamon sticks, nuts and cranberries. I baked them and filled them with maple syrup and kefir.

My little girl Holli loves broccoli. It’s one of her very favorite vegetables. She also loves loves mashed potatoes so I combined the two and made her a special dish with the added benefits of kefir.

I love Yule logs and my dad always bought our family one every New Years Eve. Whenever I see a Yule log it always reminds me of him and since he is no longer with us, I try to find ways through out my life to remember and celebrate him. This Yule log does just that.

Last year I had a cultured food Christmas class and this was one of the things I made and served. I am an eggnog fanatic and I wait all year to enjoy this special treat. I even have a special bottle that says eggnog to put it in.

The first time I remember hearing about eggnog was when I saw the movie A Christmas Carol. They were drinking and toasting each other with eggnog in one part of the movie. It became a fascination for me and the holidays wouldn’t be the same with out it. Eggnog is a big deal to me.

When I was a little girl during the holidays I would pretend that their were elves in my kitchen that would have my breakfast made in the morning and a pair of shoes. It was always just my mother when I got up every morning, but fast forward many years and then I found kefir and kefir will sit on my counter and make me breakfast every day now. Not elves but really really close. This is my rice breakfast pudding that you can pretend elves made for you, but no shoes.

This is probably the dessert I make the most for birthdays or something special. The cupcakes are gluten free and taste like a brownie. It’s my favorite cupcake recipe.

This is my Peppermint Kefir Frosting. It is super creamy, probiotic, and goes great with my Kefir Christmas Cupcakes!

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