Organic Raw Cultured Condiments


Le Petit Mas Organic Raw Cultured Garlic Flowers

This unique condiment is made with organic raw garlic flowers. Harvested at the summer solstice, the flower is picked while in the bud stage, chopped and fermented in sunflower oil with a lactic starter culture for two months.  The culturing process brings forth the delicious taste of the garlic flower without the strong garlic flavor.  This product is easy to digest, milder than garlic and won’t leave you with garlic breath.

Perfect with pasta and rice, grilled meat and brochettes, dips and dressings, fish and seafood, and much more … Click here for great recipe ideas and lots of delicious ways to use your garlic flowers.

6 oz. glass jar. PLEASE NOTE: Orders for less than 6 jars that are not included in orders for vegetables or juice are subject to a fixed shipping charge. 

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For pictures of the harvesting and production of this unique product, visit Le Petit Mas website.